You Should Be Making Wine at Vines

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Canadians are drinking more wine than ever! According to Stats Canada, Canadians spent $7 billion on wine in 2016.1 The reason for this is not surprising – wine is delicious, and if you’re reading this, I’m guessing you think so too. And maybe you’re intrigued enough to want to learn how to make wine for yourself. Or maybe you had no idea you could even make your own wine. Well you can, and you should!

Here’s a list of 8 reasons why Vines is the best place to make your wine:

1. The cost

Making a whole batch of wine may seem expensive up front, but in reality, buying wine this way is actually going to save you money! If it costs you $300 to make delicious premium quality wine, that really breaks down to 10 dollars a bottle for 30 bottles. And included in that cost is your own custom label, coloured shrink cap, and a wine made with your taste in mind.

2. It tastes just as good as the stuff from the liquor store

We’ve taken a few trips to the wine store, so we know our way around a wine or two. The wines we make at Vines taste just as good as wines from any wine store. We assure you that we source premium ingredients from trusted sources, import high quality grape juice all over the world, and ferment that juice in ideal conditions. Our store is designed specifically for winemaking so you can trust we’re going to make sure that every detail in our process is perfect. When you have an environment built for custom winemaking what you’re left with is high quality wine to drink and share.

3. Wine on hand, wine for parties, Netflix and wine

Have you ever been invited to a friend’s place last minute and suddenly realize you don’t have anything to bring? Didn’t your mom teach you that you should never show up empty handed? C’mon! I bet she did… But this will never happen to you when you have a proper selection of your own custom wine to share. It’s impressive, inventive and delicious. You can’t go wrong! Or what if you match on tinder, and your match wants to come over to watch a little Netflix… Do you even have beverages?! Are you prepared to dazzle your company? You will be! When you’re stocked with a damn fine wine made by your very own hands, your evening is bound to go well. Trust us.

3. You get to show off!

You will look and sound super cool when explaining your newly found knowledge about winemaking. When you’re making wine with us, we don’t want you to just go through the motions. In a typical winemaking store you might say hello, bottle your wine, and then go home. We want you to enjoy the ride and learn along the way. We keep you connected to your wine by sending you email notifications during every step of the process. We want to make sure your wine is tasty and beautiful when it’s finished. And to further ensure a full package experience, you get to decorate your bottle with a slick looking custom label, and colourful shrink cap to match. This is a sure way to start a great conversation with people at parties when you’re showing off your wine.

4. Save the world one bottle at a time

There’s wine trapped in your bottle and it needs to be free! Once you’ve rescued all your wine why not re-use your bottles? Bring in your own wine bottles and fill em up again with fresh new wine! You’ll never have to loudly clank those things in your recycling bin ever again. We’re all trying to do our part to help the environment and this is one way you can contribute to that effort. Think about the squirrels!

5. Make friends

Join a community of people who have been doing this for many years. Winemaking is an art, and learning about its history, production process, and attending tasting classes, is a fun and interactive way to make friends. There is a vast amount of information on wine which makes it a great topic of conversation for exchanging your knowledge or learning from someone who already knows plenty. Take a sip and enjoy the conversation.

6. Try something new

This could be a new experience, and a great way to do something different that you’re not accustomed to. Get a fresh perspective out of your day and change up your routine. We’re not saying making wine is a magical cure for boredom, but it can definitely contribute to a new perspective on an interesting DIY experience.

7. Make a batch for events

This is an easy way to provide a great gift for people in large groups. Bottle your wine in 750ml bottles or 350ml bottles and make sure you spread the joy of wine with as many people as you can! Make your wine for weddings, community events, fundraisers, baby showers, bridal parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding showers… I think you get the picture. One stop shopping that will please all your guests.

8. Also cider

At Vines we’re more than winemaking, and part of the more has to do with our tasty ciders. We make a variety of delicious flavours which you can check out here.

Our main goal is to make winemaking into an approachable and fun activity, and we want to share that experience with you. People who are just beginning to explore this fun new environment shouldn’t be intimidated – we’re here with you every step of the way, and we want you to have a good time. Remember, there’s wine at the end of the tunnel!


1. http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/statscan-alcohol-sales-1.4095446