A new approach to urban wine making

Experience Vines; Discover passion

  • In Europe, making wine is often a family tradition that brings people together. Until now, urban winemaking has been a solitary in-and-out process. We’re aiming to change that. Become a part of the Vines family and experience a new approach to urban winemaking.

    At Vines, we’re passionate not only about wine but about the communal experience of making wine.

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What is the Vines Experience?

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  • Interactive

    We believe you should be involved in the winemaking process so we’ve designed a space and a custom app that encourages interaction throughout the process.

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  • Social

    Grab a coffee from our coffee bar, chill in our lounge area, talk to us, and ask us questions. The Vines experience is not only about making quality drinks, it’s about connecting people.

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  • Informative

    Winemaking has a long and beautiful history. We will happily impart our knowledge with you, and have created a Vineducation page to help bring you up to speed.

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  • Personal

    Every person’s tastes, palates, lifestyles and preferences are different. We want to get to know you so we can recommend the perfect drink options for you and tailor the experience to you.

  • The Atmosphere

    Relaxed. Social. Interactive. Informative.

    These are only a few of the words that describe the atmosphere at Vines.

    Winemaking is a passion that we want to share with you. From the selection of the highest quality juices, to an interactive, informative environment, Vines strives to deliver a wine making experience worth becoming passionate about.

    Come see for yourself.

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  • A new way to keep an eye on your wine

    We have an app for that!

    The Vines experience is about involving you at every stage.

    The Vines app has been created to keep you up-to-date as your own batch ferments and matures. We send you updates during the process so you understand what is happening to your wine.

    You can also store your selections for easy reference in the future, and rate the drinks you have made.

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